(( a little furry despairing friend decided to come sit with me (-: ))



hopefully soon~ (:

(( oooo i don’t really have any ships with dangan ronpa but it sounds good B] ))

What accent is that? It's goddamn awesome.

((//sorry this is so late but
I’m english haha :’D
i was super hayfeverish at the time cause i forgot to take my tablet so that made me kinda stuffy and just threw off my whole voice a bit, so i guess i should do that accent challenge thing i got tagged to do like a year ago that i never got around to doing : o

but yeah, i’ve moved up and down the country so my accent is a bit of everywhere ! c:

edit: by english i mean british pshhhh
it’s late and my brain is jumbled pft))


Hi all ! ( ´ ▽ ` )ノ

I’ve opened up a new wig commission page and it’d help me out a lot if you could like and share me!
I’m also thinking of doing a giveaway on the page (eg; one free wig styled for each winner) very soon so watch this space for that!

you can find my page at https://www.facebook.com/mimiswigcommissions



hey, i saw you were thinking of taking wig commissions and i think that would be a great idea and i would most certainly commission you!! its hard to find commissioners in the uk and ordering abroad is a pain bc shipping usually costs more than the actual wig itself! No pressure, just saying it would be great. :-)

(( mmhmm, i had a think on it and i decided to go for it c:

here’s my commission page ! ))

Hello, I’m Naegi Makoto!
look at me, so stylish in my hoodie and blazer!
i sure do HOPE i don’t wet anymore beds!

//how did i do, flawless, right? upupupupu~

is that a new wig?

((nahh, i just styled my newest one c: ))

(( I just wanted to make a little video to say thank you! ;A; I never thought I’d stick the blog out this long and thank you for following, reblogging and liking my posts!

//also sorry if it sounds like im crying/sniffing, my hayfever was acting up super bad! D: ))